Deacons’ Ministry

There are basically two New Testament church offices recognized by the Baptist church all over the world. These two offices are that of the pastor and deacon. These are biblical offices which we have recognized over the years, thus, they have become our heritage. It is a thing of joy to belong to a group or an organization which has consistently served God and His kingdom for centuries. Every deacon/deaconess is identified with a long chain of dedicated Christian men and women, especially those chosen by the church and set apart in the service of God.

First Baptist Church, Oke-Isokun, Oyo, has been involving in this sacred exercise since 1951, when she ordained her first set of deacons. This church has ordained seven sets of deacons since 1951. The total number of deacons the church has ordained since 1951 is 48, 29 men and 19 women. Also, four deacons have also transferred their membership to this church and were accepted into the church’s diaconate. The oldest surviving of these deacons is Dn. M. A. Awolola who was ordained in 1969. The last set was ordained in 2015, that is, seven years ago.

This is the list of the deacons and their years of ordination:

FIRST SET – 1951       

  1. Dn. Timothy B. Falodun
  2. Dn. Joseph Oyewole
  3. Dn. Stephen O. Ige
  4. Dn. Theo. A. Okanla


  1. Dn. John F. Ojo
  2. Dn. John B. P. Lafinhan
  3. Dns. Alice J. Taiwo

THIRD SET – 1969

  1. Dns. Dorcas A. Lafinhan
  2. Dn. Moses A. Awolola
  3. Dn. Amos Ogunsola
  4. Dn. Titus O. Ogundare


  1. Dn. J. O. Oyewo
  2. Dn. O. A. Ogunkunle
  3. Dn. G. A. Adeyemo
  4. Dns. E. O. Alao
  5. Dns. Tinu Fasunan
  6. Dns. S. O. Okunade
  7. Dns. C. A. Suulola
  8. Dns. O. A. Adesina
  9. Dns. F. K. Adeteju
  10. Dns. R. O. Olaniyi
  11. Dn. R. A. Adeoye

FIFTH SET – 1995

  1. Dns. C. O. Kolade
  2. Dn. S. M. Oyedemi
  3. Dn. S. K. Ogunwumi
  4. Dn. A. O. Bolaji
  5. Dn. Adediwura Sanda
  6. Dn. G. A. Bamikole
  7. Dn. J. O. Ojo
  8. Dn. J. O. Oyedepo
  9. Dn. J. T. Okedijii

SIXTH SET – 2008

  1. Dn. J. B. Fagbola
  2. Dns. E. O. Abodunrin
  3. Dns. M. A. Sangodele
  4. Dns. E. A. Oyegbola
  5. Dn. Z. A. Awoyemi
  6. Dn. H. A. Fehintola


  1. Dn. Fola Bolaji
  2. Dn. O. J. Adeleye
  3. Dn. J. T. Oladosu
  4. Dn. O. A. Babatope
  5. Dn. J. A. Fagbemi
  6. Dn. K. O. Oyedepo
  7. Dns. J. B. Oyedepo
  8. Dns. Tope Oyedepo
  9. Dns. F. O. Olatunji
  10. Dns. E. M. Ologunde
  11. Dns. O. O. Ogunleke



  1. Dns. G. O. Idowu.
  2. Dn. A. O. Oladeji
  3. Dn. A. O. Akinola
  4. Dn. M. O. Ogunleye
Church Deacons
Church Deacons