Missions & Evangelism

The First Baptist Church Oke-Isokun Oyo was founded in 1858 as a result of the efforts of Rev. T. A. Reid, a missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention of the United States of America. The church has been a mission-minded church since its inception. When Rev. S. G. Pinnock was in charge of First Baptist Church, Oyo, between 1892 and 1909, he did not limit his activities to the Isokun area of Oyo town alone; he extended his activities to its environs as well. He asked for a piece of land from Alaafin Adeyemi I to build a church at Ashipa in 1895. In 1898, he established the Second Baptist Church in Oyo town, and that is Aatan Baptist Church. This was the first preaching station of First Baptist Church, Isokun, Oyo.

After the establishment of her first preaching station, that is, Aatan Baptist Church, God used her to establish churches too numerous to mention. First Baptist Church, Oyo, is mother to many churches within and outside, Oyo. At the moment she still has a few preaching stations yet to be organized. There are also three new preaching stations in the pipeline to be opened very soon. The new preaching stations in the pipeline are:

  1. J. Ade Taiwo Baptist Church, Oyo.

Four plots of land have been purchased and the church auditorium is about to be completed. God willing, this preaching station shall be opened for worship services in 2023.

2. Goodly Heritage Baptist Church, Ayetoro Scheme, Oyo.

Four plots of land have been secured for the permanent site of this church and the construction work will commence in 2023.

3. God’s Grace Baptist Church, Oyo.

Four plots of land have also been secured for this church on Dr. Abraham & Mrs. Mojisola Adeoye’s land, along Lakonu Village Road, Off Oyo-Iseyin Road, Oyo. Worship services have commenced in a temporary site and the church will move to her permanent site by 2023, God willing.

In 2014, First Baptist Church, Oyo adopted two churches at Ohori Mission Field, Benin Republic as part of her global mission enterprise. The roofs of the building of these two churches have been completed; other works have also been carried out on the buildings and pastors called to lead these two churches. The church uses every opportunity to reach men, women, children, teenagers, youths, the aged, the physically challenged, and every group with the gospel of Christ. First Baptist Church, Oyo knows that God established His church to win the lost into His Kingdom and she has been contributing her quota to fulfilling the Great Commission in all ramifications.