Social Ministries


Social Ministries is the Gospel in action. It is proclaiming Christ not only in words, but words backed with action. It is another way of expressing the mission of Christ to mankind. Social ministries is also about caring and bearing with one another, it is sacrificing one’s comfort for the sake of others. While our Lord was here in the flesh, he was very much at His Father’s work. His desire was to be at work always; even when He was seriously hungry and tired, He will not let any opportunity to work slip by (John 4.)

Vision: As God’s agent of transformation, we assist to meet social needs.

Mission: Social Ministries empower believers in the task of meeting Social needs. The ministries also empower the less privileged to become self-reliant.


  • To follow the example of Jesus Christ, the first Social worker (Gen. 3:15; Acts 10:38)
  • To use the Bible as the basis for all activities. 
  • To sensitize men, women, youth, and children to meet needs.
  • To teach and preach the message of reconciliation.
  • To counsel and pray for those in difficult situations.
  • To give needed assistance to those in need.
  • To integrate Social Ministries into the life of the church.