When Jesus Christ came to earth, He came in an earthly body. God showed Himself to man through that physical body of Christ. Without a physical body, Christ could not have accomplished what He did, and the world would not have known what God was like. A physical body was essential.
Now, consider what limitation there would have been in Christ’s ministry on earth, if His body had paralyzed or uncoordinated limbs. If, for example, His legs, arms or tongue had been paralyzed, He could not have walked to the homes of sinners, or put His arms around lepers, or spoken the words of life. He could do all these and more, only because He had a strong, healthy body.
When Christ ascended to heaven, God gave Him another Body on earth to carry on His work – a Body of believers redeemed by His blood out of every nation and tribe and language. This Body of believers, indwelt by the same Holy Spirit Who dwelt in Christ on earth, was to continue the ministry, which Christ, using His physical body, had begun.
This is the calling of the church.
Do you see why Christ is limited on earth now? His new Body (the church) has limbs and organs that are either paralyzed through sin or uncoordinated through disunity.
Satan cannot attack the physical body of Christ today, but he can and does attack Christ’s new Body. Satan (unlike many believers) realizes that Christ’s work on earth can be limited by non -functioning or non-cooperating members in the church.
How desperately we need to pray for spiritual vision concerning the Body of Christ. It is indeed one of the greatest needs of the day. May God help us to see Christ as Head over His Body and each of us as members in it. Such a vision alone can make the church triumphant.