First Baptist Church, Oke-Isokun, Oyo was founded in 1858 as a result of the effort of Rev. T. A. Reid, a missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention of the United States of America. Presently, First Baptist Church Oyo belongs to Oyo West Baptist Association in Oyo Baptist Conference of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

Rev. T. A. Reid was posted to Oyo as a missionary by the American Foreign Mission. He was in the town until 1864.  In 1865, as a result of war in the United States of America, missionaries could not come to Nigeria.  Between 1864 and 1889, there was no missionary in Oyo station; this also was as a result of inter-tribal wars among the Yoruba. Rev. S. G. Pinnock took charge of Oyo Station from 1892-1909. He did not limit his activities to Isokun area of Oyo town alone; he extended his activities to its environs as well. He asked for a piece of land from Alaafin Adeyemi I to build a church at Ashipa in 1895. In 1898, he established the second Baptist Church in Oyo town, that is, Aatan Baptist Church. This was the first preaching station of Isokun Baptist Church.

Major historical events in the church are many, but the following are notable among them: The first legal marriage in the history of the First Baptist Church, Isokun, Oyo was between Rev. S. G. Pinnock and Miss Madora Corshin which took place in January, 1892. In 1898, Rev. and Mrs. S. G. Pinnock founded First Baptist Day School, Isokun, Oyo. The first native teacher was Mr. Odebunmi (a native of Ogbomoso). On 20th April, 1918 Oyo Baptist Association was organized. The first church building was built on a piece of land acquired from the head of Lahan Compound, Oyo in 1895. The foundation of the second church building was laid on 25th March 1935 and dedicated on 10th July, 1938. The foundation of the third and the present church building was laid on 17th October 1970 and was dedicated on 15th October 1983. The 64th Session of the Nigerian Baptist Convention was held in the New Church building from 27th–31st March, 1977. The 150th Anniversary of the church was celebrated from 15th-25th October, 2008. Celebration of King of kings Festival which comes up every last Sunday of the year began on 30th December, 2012. The 30th Anniversary of the church building dedication was held on 15th October 2013. The renovation of the church building started in February 2013 and was completed in December of the same year. The then Convention President, Rev. Dr ’Supo Ayokunle rededicated the renovated church building on Sunday, 29th December, 2013.  Foundation laying of the new parsonage came up on Monday 8th December, 2014 and was dedicated on Saturday 9th April, 2016.

According to the available records, the church has ordained seven set of deacons since inception. Four deacons were ordained in 1951; two deacons and one deaconesses in 1953; five deacons and two deaconesses  in 1969; four deacons and seven deaconesses in 1980; seven deacons and two deaconesses in 1995; three deacons and three deaconesses in 2008; six deacons and five deaconesses in 2015. In all, a total number of 49 people have been ordained as deacons and deaconesses. There are two church leaders in the history of the church since its inception. They are Dn. M. A. Awolola who led the church between Jan. 1987 and June 1988, Dn. A. O. Bolaji who was the church leader between 1st July 2010 and 30th November 2011.

The following are the full-time pastors of the First Baptist Church, Oke-Isokun, Oyo and their years of service:

  1. Rev. T. A. Reid, 1858-1864. (There was no Pastor from 1865-1889).
  2. Mr. & Mrs. P. A. Eubank, 1890-1891.
  3. Rev. S. G. Pinnock, 1892-1909.
  4. Pastor James Odetayo, 1909-1932.
  5. Rev. J. A. Taiwo, 1933-1963.
  6. Rev. J. A. Okesiji, 1964-1965.
  7. Rev. J. A. Soyooye, 1966-1969.
  8. Rev. J. A. Imosun, 1970-1971.
  9. Rev. J. O. Olaonipekun, 1972-1975.
  10. Rev S. O. Oladitan, 1976-1986.
  11. Pastor W. A. Oyekan (Associate Pastor) 1980-June 1988.
  12. Rev. S. A. Oyedeji 1989-1995.
  13. Rev. O. B. Osuolale 1st July 1996-2003.
  14. Rev. (Dr.) E. A. Adeyemo (Interim Pastor) 2003-2005.
  15. Rev. E. A. Esuola 2005-2010.
  16. Rev. Dr. G. O. Kehinde 1st December 2011 till date.

God in his mercy has called out many members of the church to serve in the gospel ministry. These men of God are serving in churches of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Some are also serving in other churches within the body of Christ. Notable among these men of God is the erstwhile President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention – Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle.

The church membership is about 2000, while the average worship attendance is 1500. The church is a mission minded church. She has founded and organized churches too numerous to mention, she still has a good number of preaching stations yet to be organized. In 2014, she adopted two churches at Ohori Mission Field as a part of her global mission enterprise.